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Amore GSP 4500W electrical instant water heater

Slim design - booster pump - Mechanical controls

  • Slim design, light weight, elegance
  • Power saving
  • Super quiet booster pump
  • LED display with adjustable temperature
  • Multi-level safety protection
  • Mechanical controls

Super quiet booster pump

Super quiet booster pump, makes no noise. Ensure the water heater works stably even in the case of weak upstream water.

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Safe protection mode many levels

Separate heating technology separates electricity and water, safe ground protection mode, independent leak protection mode, fault self-detection mode, over-temperature protection mode, anti-dry fire mode, mode Low water protection, the filter improves water quality and prolongs the service life of the device.


Flow control switch

Control the flow of water, ensuring steadily and continuous amount of water during use. With just one on-off switch action, the user can easily adjust the on / off operation of the direct heater (Direct heater only works when water flows and vice versa).

High efficiency - Power saving

High-performance pure copper heating rod ensures high durability super-heating. The tank is made of fiberglass, keeps heat well, saves energy


Temperature control knob

Allows for convenient temperature customization to meet usage needs. Always maintain a constant water temperature.

Shower Hand with 4 positions

Hand shower with 4 functions: to help adjust flow according to needs, luxurious chromium plating, modern design, easy to clean, safe for health


Fine adjustment of flow, temperature control.