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Ferroli air purifier and ionizer FAP-60D

Super clean filter - quiet operation - Power saving

  • Fast and efficient 360-degree filtering
  • HEPA filter removes 99.95%, fine dust PM2.5, allergens
  • Korea air quality sensor
  • The DC motor operates smoothly and economically
  • Kills bacteria, mold, odors with high density Ionizer technology
  • Adjustable 3 wind speeds
  • Warning of filter element replacement
  • Convenient touch screen and remote control
  • Suitable for room spaces up to 49m2

1. Introducing the Ferroli air purifier FAP-60D

The Ferroli air purifier is the essential solution to protect the health of every family in the face of increasing environmental pollution and epidemics. Ferroli air purifier FAP-60D with many filter levels such as raw dust filter, activated carbon filter, HEPA filter, Special dynamic with super economical, super quiet DC with Korean technology to help filter out all dirt, dust causing irritation, viruses, bacteria, pollen, odors, harmful molecules, ... bring fresh air to the whole family.

3. 99.95% clean multi-level filter


Multi-level filter includes coarse dust filter, activated carbon filter, HEPA filter (in which coarse dust filter and activated carbon filter are integrated together) filter out coarse dust, fine dust, odors, chalk flowers, toxic gases, viruses, bacteria.


Raw dust filter


This is the outermost layer of the filter. The effect of this filter is to remove dust particles with a size of 500 micro meters or more such as dust, bugs from pets, large dust, animal hair, ...

Hepa Filters

This micro-filter can remove irritants, viruses, bacteria and microscopic dust particles, pollen and harmful molecules

Activated carbon filter

Activated carbon filter is a collection of tiny holes filled with coconut shell activated carbon particles - the best activated carbon today. With this special design, Ferroli's activated carbon filters have an extremely large absorption surface, making them easy to contact and eliminate odors, toxic fumes and toxic organic molecules such as Formaldehyde, benzene, etc. ...

2. Comprehensive efficient 360-degree filtering

Unlike conventional filters, which only take the air on one side and blow out on the front. Ferroli air filter FAP-60D is designed in a circular shape with a circular filter inside. This design allows the purifier to suck air 360 degrees and blow clean air out to the top of the machine to purify up to 99.95% of the air around the room, making filtration faster and more efficient than conventional air purifiers. .


Korean air quality sensor - this is the most modern technology available today. The ultra-sensitive sensor quickly detects pollutants in the air and removes them by automatically adjusting the filter capacity to ensure your home's air is always clean and fresh.

The DC motor runs smoothly

DC motor works extremely quietly, especially with the sleep mode, the display light will be dimmed and almost no sound is heard to help you have a good night's sleep. In addition, the DC motor saves up to 50% in electricity


Korea ionizer technology

The Korea ionizer technology of the Ferroli air purifier FAP-48D helps to create a negative ion beam with a high density of 1,000,000 ions / cm3, which is the highest density available today. Negative ions will find and attach to positively charged magnetic parts which are pollutants, odors, mold, bacteria ionize them and clean the air. With this ion density dirt, bacteria, viruses will be ionized and destroyed faster and more. The air will quickly become fresh, shorten the operation time with high capacity to save more electricity.

Filter condition control

The flashing indicator light displays immediately on the screen when the filter is needed to help users take initiative in cleaning and changing the filter