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Ferroli FM96 Massage Chair

  • L-shaped roller technology is 130cm long
  • 5 automatic massage programs
  • 5 optional massage modes
  • Zero gravity massage
  • 4D touch hand massage
  • Holistic foot spa treatment Infrared heating
  • Bluetooth connection with smartphone

1. Ghế massage Ferroli FM96

Ferroli massage chair FM96 is a full body massage chair using a combination of many famous massage methods in the world such as Thai massage, Japanese massage, Chinese massage, ... With smart design, class technology not only brings Great relaxation for users but also a therapeutic tool for people with osteoarthritis. The 130cm long slide runs along the body with an intelligent airbag system that automatically detects and builds the body map. In addition, the Ferroli FM96 massage chair also gives users a variety of massage options in arbitrary positions such as legs, neck, shoulders, nape, back,…. Along with the infrared heating system helps blood circulation.

2. Tự động nhận diện cơ thể

Automatically detects and builds body maps from there to check the state of the waist, hips, shoulder, .. locate the right acupuncture point for each person, making the massage more effective.

3. 5 optional massage modes

If you do not want to use the 5 available massage programs of the chair, users can choose the massage type by pressing the Manual button on the control panel. The modes of your choice include: Massage Shiatsu (finger press), massage, pat style, massage style, roll style

4. 5 automatic massage program

These 5 massage programs are pre-installed, users just need to touch and select the desired program on the control panel to be able to use. The Recover massage program focuses on acupuncture points to help relieve pain and assist in rehabilitation. Thai massage program (Thai) focuses on acupressure to help blood circulation and awaken potential strength in your body. That is why Thai massage has a great healing effect, removes stress, fatigue, and recovers health quickly. Chinese massage program (Chinese): A full body massage from head to soles, pounding hard on the acupuncture points to bring a sense of pleasure to the user. Extend massage program: This method combines massage with air bags, massage, massage, and comprehensive body massage. Relax massage program (Sleeping): gentle massage helps increase blood circulation to bring a feeling of relaxation.

5. Modern technology letter L

The "L" shaped roller rail is 130 cm long, increasing the massage area with a roller from head to toe. Helps maintain the S-shaped curve of the spine, relaxes the spine, reduces muscle tension.

6. Infrared heating

Warm infrared therapy helps secure backup information, maximizing massage time.

7. Comprehensive foot spa treatment

Comprehensive therapy from heel, foot, foot point, ankle, calf, calf muscle, ... with each mode for each part of the foot.

8. Hand massage with touch

4D massage arm can be extended from 3 to 30cm for more professional massage, can be adjusted wide and narrow with many techniques of massage, push, tumble, press, knock, etc. Moderate massage intensity simulates massage with a human hand depth of about 1.8 cm.

9. Speaker connects bluetooth speaker with smart usb

The Ferroli FM96 massage chair incorporates a Bluetooth MP3 and smart USB drive to help users relax with massages and melodious tunes of their favorite music.

10.High quality material

The Ferroli FM96 massage chair is made on modern belts, closely inspecting production details. Leather upholstered with Dermoglyph PU leather microfiber. High grade German material does not contain formaldehyde. Movable pillows are embroidered with sophistication


11. Easy control and charging

The control panel on the seat body and hand-held control panel will help users easily control the position, change the massage program or even charge the phone if needed.

12. Zero gravity massage

The zero-gravity posture of the massage chair simulates the position of NASA astronauts, the high legs, the friend at a higher position than the heart helps the blood flow from the heart parts to the heart better, making you feel refreshed. maximum alertness and relaxation.

13. Smart design

Innovative design includes 4 large wheels for forward or reverse movement, quick lock & quick unlock device for easy movement