About Ferroli Group

Ferroli group, a global heating industry pioneer with a great reputation of “The World Heat Bank ”, is one of the largest heating groups in the world.


Head Office in San Bonifacio, Italia 

Since it was founded in 1955, Ferroli Group has concentrated on the heat energy industry, and has become the world leading brand in the heat energy industry with innovative spirit and constant pursuit of quality.

In 2007, its global turnover was nearly 700 million Euro, 90% of which is from derived from ts heat energy related products. Besides, major components are produced by Ferroli Group, and it has proven itself through its specialisation in producing heat energy products.

Through 55 years of global expansion, Ferroli Group has expanded to around 30 plants and business organizations, 6 R&D centers, and nearly 8000 employees around the globe.

Its products are sold to more than 120 countries and regions, with a sales and professional service networks which reaches even further. Ferroli’s heat energy products are widely used in key governmental buildings, the industrial facilities of multinational corporations, top grade hotels and commercial centers, etc.

Ferrolis latest line of glasslined electric water heaters, which combine advanced technology with versatile design, which make the product ideally suited for installation in both traditional and modern residential constructions.

The product range is available with capacities from as little as 5 litres (either above or under sink) to the very large 500 litres, vertical or horizontal models.

The new production lines for the Ferroli glasslined electric water heater are highly automated; A state of the art computerized control system guarantees the a consistently high level of quality achieved.